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What the heck is this?

A running (or walking, we don’t care) scavenger hunt designed for teams (1-5 people).

Why should I do this?

Physical activity, in a fun format, that allows for friendly competition and social interaction!

Looking for a “good time”, you’ve found it! Grab a few friends, or sign up solo if you think you can conquer it on your own. Each team (no matter the size) pays 1 registration fee. The event day and time frame is specified upon registration. The event can be done in any city or town. Team members MUST be together, and travel by foot together, in order to participate. On event day, and only on event day, the team captain will be sent the first set of 5 clues. Find the clue and capture an image and submit through the event site. A new set of clues will be issued once all 5 photos are submitted, or on the hour, whichever comes first. Start anytime you want, knowing the early bird scores more points! No submissions are taken after noon on the event day.

To register, 1 team member creates the team. The individual who creates the team will pay the registration fee. Invite team members to join the team. That’s it! Event morning, plan to be together and may the best team win!

Best value, sign your team up for all 5 weeks and only pay the price of 4! That's a $40 savings! PLUS each team member gets a custom 2020 Scavenger Run 311 Elite tee!

Prizes awarded to the top 2 teams weekly.

Grand prize awarded at the end of the series.

The Rules

  1. Teams are comprised of 1 to 5 persons - no more, no less.

  2. You must travel with your team at all times. Photos that do not have ALL team members in them will not be awarded any points. (Background, shoes, all that counts! We just MUST be able to confirm your team has stayed together throughout the entire expedition.)

  3. On or after 7:00 AM on event day the team leader checks in on the app to receive the first quest of the expedition (a set of 5 challenges). Teams will have until 2:00 PM to start the expedition.

  4. Each team will have 3 hours to complete the expedition after they start the first quest.

  5. A maximum of 4 quests (20 challenges) will be a part of each expedition.

  6. From the start of your first quest you have a maximum of 3 hours to complete your journey.

  7. Upload each photo at the time you find it. Bonus points are awarded for the team that finishes a quest, with all photos qualifying for points, in the least amount of elapsed time. 500 total points added to the team score.

  8. Creativity counts. A best photo, for EACH challenge, scores max points (300 versus 100.) So quality and thoughtfulness counts!

  9. You cannot move on to your next set of 5 challenges without submitting ALL 5 of the previous challenges. Once you submit your challenges you cannot resubmit for the same challenge. Get stuck? Submit a team photo. Hey, you won’t get the points for the challenge but you will get to move on to your next set of challenges.

  10. You may not reuse any submissions in any way. If an image can apply to two challenges you must pick only 1 to submit it for.

  11. You can start any time on event day between 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM. You have 3 hours to submit all photos with the clock starting when you send your first message into the app to receive first quest. Please abide by all laws, respect the people and property around you and, be safe don't forget to "Social Distance!"

  12. Winners will be notified and posted at 6:00 pm on event day.

Point System

Points are awarded based on the following:

  • Every qualifying photo (all team members in the photo and answers the photo clue) - 100

  • FIRST qualifying submission per clue - 300

  • BEST/MOST creative qualifying submission per clue - 300