What the heck is this?

A scavenger hunt!

Why should I do this?

Now is a good time to pay attention to your surroundings. Yes, look for people to keep the required physical distance apart for safety, but also look at all the fun and interesting things you pass as you are out for your run/walk. We often take our runs as just another item to check off our to-do list for the day. Why not Take the time to look, experience the world around you and add a little fun as you head out for a run or walk?

The Rules

  1. Have Fun!

  2. Take the most recent #ScavengerRun311 hunt list and lace up! When you find an item on the list take a picture of the item, with you in the picture (if possible!)

  3. At the end of your walk or run, post the pictures on the #ScavengerRun311 Facebook Group page - you’ll need to “join group.” Or post on Instagram. Tag #ScavengerRun311

  4. Find and share photos of at least 5 of the 10 list items that week to be entered into the weekly raffle.

  5. You can find them all on one run/walk or spread over five if you like. Just get outside, move, and have fun!

  6. You can do the hunt as many times as you like in a given week. AND you get an entry in the raffle drawing for each time you do the challenge.

  7. Your photos must be posted no later than 5:00 PM on Tuesday to be eligible for the raffle prize drawing for the hunt ending that day.

  8. Don't forget to "Social Distance"!

To be eligible for the raffle, you must sign up by completing this short entry form so we can contact you if you win!

Weekly Winners

Week 7 Random drawing winners - Stephanie Tickerhoff and Jessica Hayes, both of Greensboro, NC
Week 6
Random drawing winners - Elizabeth Staudt, Greensboro, NC and Alan Brown, Charleston, SC
Week 5
Becca Wyrick, Greensboro, NC (random drawing winner) and Victoria Meeks (name drawn from the group of 13 people who have qualified all 5 weeks of the #ScavengerRun311).
Week 4
Taylor Libby, Research Triangle Park, NC (most selfies) and Kiera Christie, Winston Salem, NC (random drawing winner)
Week 3
Stacy Owens, Marietta, GA (most enthusiastic) and Stephanie Fahrenholtz, Winston Salem, NC (random drawing winner)
Week 2
Kelly Scott, Madison, CT and Leah Grant, Jamestown, NC (both random drawing winners)
Week 1
Kathy Thompson (random drawing) and Melody Walker (most enthusiastic), both of Greensboro, NC